• Single Phase EMI Filter

    Has excellent insertion losses with low leakagecurrent. The structure is compact and easy to install. Several Connection ways can beselected, such as wire, bolt and faston connector. Applicable to switching power supplies, UPSand other industrial automatic- control equipment. CE approved and Cus…
  • Three Phase EMI filter

    High performance 3-phase EMI filter has excellent characteristics of electromagnetic interference suppression. Rated voltage is 440V-50/60Hz. Rated current varies from 2-200A. According to different need, it can be designed into three-phase three wire or three-phase four wire network. DNF09…
  • High current EMI filter

    Has excellent insertion losses.Rated current varies from 25A to 1600A. Widely used in power electronics, newenergy, rail transportation and other large power DC and AC system. Can be customized for large current requirements, such as 3200A EMI filter. DNF148 Series DNF150 Seri…