• EMI Filter

    More than 3000kinds of EMI filtersto be choose, including DC, single-phase AC, 3-phase 4-wire,3-phase AC, feed-through, PCB mounting, shielded room, signal lines and other varioustypes of EMI filters. The rated current is more tha…
  • Harmonic Reactor

    Apply to all kindsof inverter typeelectrical systems, including single-phase reactor and3-phasereactor.It has excellent EMI suppression characteristics in wide frequencyband, assistsequipment to meet the EMCrelevant standard requi…
  • EMI TestAuxiliary Component

    AERODEV provides a reliable and practical EMI test auxiliary component with professional EMClaboratoryto meet the requirements of relevant standards and protecteffectivelylaboratory test receiver equipment safety. According to the…